The application period goes from October 15th 2023 until December 1st 2023 !

Please do not apply before October 15th 2023.

To be a research student at Mila, you must be supervised by one of its affiliated professors. Should a professor agree to supervise you, their affiliation will determine the University regulations that apply to you.

Requests for supervision are made via this platform, while registrations and admission are administered by the universities themselves. Please note that the request for supervision at Mila, and university admissions are separate processes that must be completed in parallel.

The Mila supervision request is a service offered to facilitate the selection and matching of Mila professors to applicants, but it does not preclude other ways by which applicants and professors can find each other.

Please click on 'More' to see eligibility requirements and other details for the program you are interested in.


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